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Business & Life Strategies for Physicians

Carolyn has a passion for helping physicians find a true and fulfilling balance in life. Despite their medical training, physicians often find it difficult to take care of themselves properly. Drawing from her own experiences as a practicing medical doctor, the study of self-help techniques and the latest research, Carolyn shares wellness and productivity tips specifically for those in the healthcare field.

In addition to blogging and speaking on wellness for physicians Dr. Anderson runs a medical practice consultancy. Impowermed transforms medical practices into efficient, well run practices that help eliminate stress and improve patient satisfaction, wait times and the bottom line.

Speech & Blog Topics

Energy Management for Physicians

Medical students, residents and physicians are some of the busiest people. Our commitment to our patients can leave little time for a satisfying personal life. Although we can’t find more time we can find more energy to enjoy our life and be more productive. Carolyn will show you how to have it all by managing your energy levels rather than your time.

Achieving a Work-Life Balance in the Health Care Field

A successful life involves balance in all areas of life and Carolyn will show you how to focus, prioritize and achieve a life of harmony and happiness. The audience will learn how to avoid burnout, be more productive and happier.

The MBA You Wish You Had

Medical training prepares you to diagnose and treat illnesses but being a successful physician requires additional training in communication, leadership, and goal setting. This speech will help doctors communicate more effectively with their patients and also give them further training on managing their office staff and working alongside other specialists and nurses.