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About Dr. Anderson

Dr. Carolyn Anderson is an ophthalmic surgeon, entrepreneur, and speaker. She is a columnist, Huffington Post blogger and co-author of a best-selling book, Pushing To The Front, with Brian Tracy.

She is the author of Energy Boost: How to Manage Your Energy and Maximize Your Potential.  The book outlines the Energy Management system to help you move from only managing your time to managing your energy. By maximizing your energy levels you can accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

Dr. Anderson’s medical training and years as an entrepreneur give her unique insights in business and life.  Read More

Recent Articles

Be responsible for the energy you bring into the room

Energy in InteractionLast week was well….a challenge. There were some lows- Not feeling great but still wanting to be professional, friendly and helpful to patients and some paperwork processing problems. There were also some highs- an entire day of extremely happy cataract surgery patients and my son’s 6th birthday party.

So my team and I rode the ups and downs. Which I suppose is how life really is.

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Book Announcement: Energy Boost: How to Manage Your Energy and Maximize Your Potential

Writing a book has been a dream of mine for a number of years. I have a passion for expressing my ideas in the written form. It just always seemed that after I completed everything I had to do for the day there was little time or energy for my passions.

I can hardly believe I’m finally announcing this, but I am thrilled to say I finally did it! I’ve written a book called the Energy Boost: How to Manage Your Energy and Maximize Your Potential and I used the principles you’ll learn in the book to give me the Energy to actually get the book completed.

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May Article Highlights

I truly believe that readers are leaders and I do my best to keep up with the latest news, studies and blogs. My interests range from positive psychology, health research, business tips to general self-help advice.

I come across so many informative and interesting posts on social media and in my RSS reader. I share them on my own Twitter and Facebook pages and have also collected some of the best posts and given you short summaries of the articles in a monthly highlights post.

In this month’s highlights there are articles on:
America’s Workers: Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Totally Exhausted
The Confidence Gap
Male Executives Don’t Feel Guilt, See Work-Life Balance as a Women’s Problem
The Sleep Doctor
A Potential Cure for Jet Lag
An emerging treatment plan for chronic pain
And many more….

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