Be responsible for the energy you bring into the room

Energy in InteractionLast week was well….a challenge. There were some lows- Not feeling great but still wanting to be professional, friendly and helpful to patients and some paperwork processing problems. There were also some highs- an entire day of extremely happy cataract surgery patients and my son’s 6th birthday party.

So my team and I rode the ups and downs. Which I suppose is how life really is. Sometimes it is hard to stay in the moment when things are not going well, but we really have to. I remind my staff that this is our life… and we spend a big chunk of it in our office making a difference for the people that walk through our doors.

No matter what your job, never forget how valuable you are and the incredible impact we can all have by playing world class with every task and every encounter. You can choose to drag your ass in everyday or you can choose to play at the top of your game…you can’t choose both. To get to world-class in your current field or future aspirations will take working at the top of your game as well as working as a cohesive team.

I remember reading this amazing book a few years ago by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor called My Stroke of Insight. Taylor was a neuroscientist who had a massive hemorrhagic stroke. While she was recovering she gained a keen and innate sense about the people that were caring for her. She could tell if they really cared and brought a positive loving vibe, or if they were just putting in their time and really did not care. She eventually put a sign on the outside of her hospital door that read” Be responsible for the Energy that you bring into the room.” She did not want anything but positive energy and loving vibes to surround her during her critical time of healing.

I think we should all consider what energy we bring to any room on a daily basis. Set the intention before you start your day to be helpful, respectful, positive and kind. Then do everything in your power to ignite that positive energy before you start your day.

A great exercise is to take some deep breaths clear your mind and set positive intentions. Say to yourself, “I choose to remove any negative energy I have been holding onto. I choose to retrieve all the positive energy within me and around me. My intention is to share this positive energy with the world.

With your breathing and positive intentions you can completely shift your mood and set yourself up to share your greatness with everyone you meet. World class work and a world class life is a result of world class levels of positive energy. Leaving a positive energy impression can serve you in so many ways…not only will you connect better with others, but you will also feel a much greater sense of support and your life will be so much more in the flow. Instead of forcing and pushing and trying to make things happen, it will seem as though the universe is conspiring in your favor to make life easier. Positivity can have remarkable benefits.

Here is to an excellent week!

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