Doing Your Best Work

I think we all find it difficult to get motivated to do all that needs to be done. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel my To Do list is so long I don’t know where to start. The problem is that when we don’t know where to start we often don’t, and things just keep piling up.

I received an RSS feed of Robin Sharma’s blog on How to do Your Best Work and I thought it would be great to pass on some of the amazing tips he offered in his video. I often find his tips not only insightful but really practical. I think if we all followed these we could get more done in less time.

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1)      Do the difficult things first.  Within this really lies your power. When you choose to do the challenging things first you shift from being fearful to being powerful. Is there a phone call you have been putting off? Something you know that would move your business forward but you have been afraid to do? Instead of moving it forward in your Outlook day timer for a month… try tackling it first thing in the morning. Getting it done is so energizing. With every difficult thing you do and every fear you confront you become better equipped to take on more challenges.

2)      Exercise first thing in the morning. This is so good for jump-starting your metabolism and improving your level of motivation by dumping endorphins into your system.

3)      Make a commitment today to be amazing at what you do. Research into peak performance indicates that every genius began as a beginner. Commitment and practice are the keys to mastery

4)      Find time to avoid distractions. Work in chunks of time (away from technology). If I turn on my email before starting a project I end up responding to what other people think is important and not achieving what I set out to do.

5)      Find the time to think. A great plan is to do a weekly review. Look at 3 things you did really well for the week. 3 things that were time wasters and 3 things you want to celebrate.

6)      Learn something new every day. When you know more your labour become more valuable.

I found this list helpful. To get focused on what I need to do first thing in the morning is such a time saver. I have less distractions and more gets accomplished. When I am not seeing patients at my eye surgery practice my priority is to spend time with my son Nicholas. I therefore find if I can get writing done first thing in the morning before he wakes up then I have at least done something for the day.

I think as much as we love our children part of a great balance in life is finding time for our own passions as well. I love to write but my little blond man pulling on my leg while I sit at the computer and saying “Up Up Mom-O” wins out every time. And I find my file closed and my feet tapping to the beat of the Bob the Builder theme song.

What tips do you have to increase your productivity and Do your Best work on a consistent basis?

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