Maximizing Your Energy

Is your constant lack of energy holding you back from living your life to the fullest?

My name is Dr. Carolyn Anderson and like you, I used to think that if I could just have more time I would be able to get everything done. If I only had more time I could eat healthier, find time to exercise, be a better partner and parent and still go after my big goals. As much as I wished for more time, I knew that a magic time-granting genie was unlikely to appear. As I looked to the lives of inspiring leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Howard Schultz and Hillary Clinton I realized that they too only had 24 hours in a day. Why were people like this able to pull off extraordinary accomplishments while others were just make it through the day?

The difference between these two groups of people is not only how they manage their time, but more importantly, how they manage their energy. I have come to realize that energy and not time is the hot commodity. How we manage our energy will dictate how big we play the game of life and the impact that we have.

Based on extensive research, my medical training and entrepreneurial background, I developed a system for maximizing your energy. This system will revolutionize your life. If you follow the simple steps of the energy management system, your energy will explode off the charts and catapult you to excellence in your business and your life.

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I’ve also written a chapter on maximizing your energy in the best-selling book Pushing to the Front: Front Line Strategies From the World’s Leading Experts along with Brian Tracy and am working on a full-length book on maximizing your energy.

About Dr. Carolyn Anderson

Dr. Carolyn Anderson is an expert in managing energy levels. With her medical training, extensive research, personal experience and entrepreneurial background she self-developed the Energy Management System.

Using the Energy Management System herself has allowed her to run her surgical practice, private surgery clinic, medical consulting business, a real estate development project, speak professionally and publish an online magazine for active older adults.

Carolyn is the co-author of a best-selling book, Pushing To The Front, with Brian Tracy. Her chapter in Pushing To The Front outlines the Energy Management system.

Carolyn regularly blogs on her own website and contributes articles to other websites including the Huffington Post. She publishes an online magazine for active older adults at and co-wrote, “It’s Never Too Late to Be Fit,” an exercise guide for the aging population.

She is currently working on a full length book on Energy Management. She regularly gives speeches on Energy Management to entrepreneurs, women’s groups and physicians. Using the Energy Management system allows these busy groups to improve their work/life balance and succeed professionally. As a medical consultant, Carolyn helps physicians run more effective practices to allow them to maximize their earnings while minimizing their time.

Carolyn is available for speaking engagements, teleseminars and one-on-one coaching.