Efficient Medical Office Impowermed helps doctors thrive personally and professionally. Dr. Carolyn Anderson founded Impowermed to help other physicians see and realize the greatest vision for their lives. Success goes beyond the financial bottom line and is measured by one’s relationships, health, happiness, and impact on the world.

Medicine is a rewarding yet very demanding career. The stakes are high and the consequences of mistakes can be fatal. As a physician, your life is dedicated to looking after others and keeping up with a vast amount of scientific knowledge. It is an intellectual pursuit of immense social dimensions.

Impowermed will strive to address these struggles by offering tips for personal development and stress management to help you live your best life now. Impowermed helps doctors work towards work and life balance and reminds doctors to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and mentally.

As doctors, we are small business owners but often receive inadequate business training in medical school. At Impowermed, we will show you how to navigate the arena of business, leverage your activities and ultimately gain more time to live your dream life.

Impowermed helps doctors regain the passion that encouraged them to become doctors initially. Regaining your passion and reducing your time spent on administrative work can reduce feelings of burnout.

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In Dr. Anderson’s continuing support of cancer research, 20% of all profits from Impowermed will be donated to the Cancer Society.