Speech Feedback & Testimonials

Photo by Lionel Adams

Carolyn is incredibly “real.” Her use of her real life stories is effective and energizing, not to mention funny. A NATURAL at speaking and holds the crowd’s attention
Mary Jane- Arbonne Consultant

Carolyn- this was a wonderful reminder to get back to the basics and revisit the daily discipline needed to move forward towards my goals and dreams with renewed energy! Thanks.
Kimberly Day

Carolyn was very real and gave us some great tips about increasing our energy. I am looking forward to reading her blog. Carolyn, you are really inspirational!
Francine Legault North Vancouver Realtor

This was an excellent talk. Carolyn gave a very comprehensive and personal look at energy management. Carolyn is easy to connect with, relaxed, natural and inspiring.
Shirley Vollett Life & Relationship Coach

Your talk was perfectly timed for me. I’m starting a new career in real estate sales and my head is just spinning. I will try to think about and put into practice your ideas and approaches, and follow your blog
Kathy Suffel