Values Exercise

Below is an extensive list of potential values. Go through and mark all the ones that resonate with you and then go back and pick the top 10. These are your key values.

Once you have your key values, take out two pieces of paper and on one list your values and on another list your daily activities. Then take the two lists and determine how many of your daily activities align with your values. For any that don’t, determine if you can stop doing them. Always ask yourself prior to taking on any new project or commitment whether what you will be doing is congruent with one or more of your values. If it is not then politely decline.

By living a life consistent with your values, you will spend more time in life on things that you are passionate about and that will energize you.

List of Values

Abundance, acceptance, accomplishment, achievement, adventure, affection, affluence, ambition, appreciation, assertiveness, attractiveness, balance, beauty, belonging, bliss, bravery, boldness, brilliance, calmness, celebrity, charm, cheerfulness, clarity, cleanliness, cleverness, closeness, comfort, commitment, compassion, confidence, connection, consistency, contentment, contribution, conviction, courage, creativity, dependability, determination, devotion, dignity, directness, discipline, discovery, discretion, diversity, dynamic, education, effectiveness, efficiency, eloquence, empathy, elegance, encouragement, endurance, energy, enjoyment, entertainment, enthusiasm, excellence, excitement, experience, expertise, exploration, expressiveness, extravagance, faith, fame, family, fashion, fearlessness, fidelity, fierceness, feistiness, financial independence, firmness, fitness, flexibility, flow, focus, fortitude, frankness, freedom, friendliness, fun generosity, giving, grace, gratitude, growth, guidance, happiness, harmony, health, heart, help, holiness, honesty, honor, hopefulness, humility, humor, imagination, independence, ingenuity, inquisitiveness, insightfulness, inspiration, integrity, intelligence, intensity, intimacy, intuition, inventiveness, joy, justice, kindness, knowledge, leadership, learning, legacy, liberation, liberty, liveliness, logic, longevity, love, loyalty, making a difference, mastery, maturity, mindfulness, modesty, motivation, neatness, nerve, open-mindedness, openness, optimism, order, organization, originality, outlandishness, outrageousness, passion, peace, perceptiveness, perfection, perseverance, persistence, persuasiveness, philanthropy, playfulness, pleasantness, pleasure, poise, polish, popularity, power, professionalism, prosperity, practicality, precision, preparedness, presence, punctuality, realism, reason, recognition, refinement, reflection, relaxation, reliability, religiousness, resilience, resolution, resolve, resourcefulness, respect, rest, restraint, reverence, riches, security, self control, selflessness, sensitivity, serenity, sensuality, service, sexuality, sharing, shrewdness, significance, stillness, simplicity, sincerity, silence, skillfulness, spirit, spontaneity, spunk, stability, strength, success, support synergy, thankfulness, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, tranquility, trust, trustworthiness, truth, understanding, uniqueness, usefulness, virtue, valor, vision, vitality, warmth, wealth, wildness, willingness, winning, wisdom, wittiness, wonder, youthfulness, zeal