Empowering Seniors

Aging Gracefully & Powerfully

As a busy cataract surgeon with an office practice of more than 25,000 patients, Dr. Anderson deals mainly with the retired population and those facing retirement within the next decade. This puts her in a unique position to observe the importance of attitude and activity in aging, health and wellbeing.

In order to inspire her patients and other older adults to stay active and engaged in their second half of life, Carolyn founded an online magazine, Impowerage, that publishes articles on health, fitness, lifestyle and more.

Carolyn writes an “On My Mind” column for Impowerage where she shares motivational and medical advice. Along with a personal trainer she co-wrote the exercise guide 50+ Fitness Guide: It’s Never Too Late to be Fit.

Impowerage donates 20% of its proceeds to fund research into the prevention and treatment of macular degeneration.

Aging Speech & Blog Topics

Energy Management: Retirement Strategies for Optimum Health and Energy

While retiring may give you more time in life you need specific strategies to maximize your energy. These guidelines for managing your energy go beyond just exercising and eating well. Learn how to make the most out of your second half of life and leave a meaningful legacy by discovering your passion in life.

Age Busting

Carolyn offers practical advice to increase the quality of your life and enhance your longevity. The myths that disease and boredom are inevitable in old age will be disproved with concrete medical evidence. By understanding that they can have years of good health ahead, the audience will be encouraged that it’s never too late to start living their ideal life.

Boot Camp for your Physical and Financial Health

This interactive 3 hour long boot camp is delivered by Carolyn, a personal trainer and a financial expert. Older adults are given a crash course in living well, exercise activities and financial tips for retirement. The audience will leave with practical strategies for personal health and wealth.