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Enjoy Every Sandwich: Living Each Day As If It Were Your Last « Carolyn Anderson – Wellness & Productivity Expert, Surgeon Enjoy Every Sandwich: Book Review

Enjoy Every Sandwich: Living Each Day As If It Were Your Last

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely”- Buddha

Buddha-Quote-Live-WiselyI recently read the book “Enjoy Every Sandwich” and had to share how the book impacted me. The author, Dr. Lee Lipsenthal was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in July 2009. As the medical director of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, he was no stranger to disease and helped thousands of his patients through their illnesses.

Rather than be angry at his diagnosis, Lipsenthal continued living his life fully each day. He discovered he did not fear death and instead continued to enjoy everyday life and savor even the little things like every sandwich. Before his death in Sept 2011, he wrote a book called “Enjoy Every Sandwich” where he shares how to “find meaning, purpose, and peace in our lives.”

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This heartfelt and incredible journey of one of our esteemed colleagues as his life was unfortunately cut short from terminal cancer is poignant and life changing. This book is so much more about living than dying. It is about living a life so rich, so meaningful, so moment to moment that if we were to die today we could do so knowing that we had sucked the marrow out of life and really maximized every moment. The real transformative concept is that to truly live we must be ready to die. It really outlines how following our spirit and living from joy instead of self protection opens up the entire world and beyond. Lipsenthal spent his life dedicated to healing others physically and emotionally and in his death he has continued to heal all of us, this time from our fears.

He takes us through his journey from diagnosis, telling his loved ones, treatment and illness. He is remarkably accepting of his death and in his acceptance shows us how to make sure we live each moment to the fullest. It is not just about dying gracefully but about living completely.

Book Trailer

His attitude helps to get all of us in touch with what truly matters in our lives. The recent death of my beloved mother from pancreatic cancer brought me face to face with this process and made the lessons from this book even more compelling. I sensed this with my mom and it permeates every page of this book – if we possibly only have a year to live why would we waste a moment being negative, hurt, holding grudges or worrying about what others think of us. If this is the case when we are imminently dying why should this not be the case for all of us all the time? We are all in fact dying we just don’t know when. As Lee writes “The real exception is to truly live.” If we look for more love, playfulness, laughter and joy in our lives we will quite likely find it. We must shift our perspectives to look for what we want more of in life.

The message to create meaning in all moments of our lives is truly transformative. To “enjoy every sandwich”, enjoy every breath, enjoy every second. Know in your heart what is truly important and do it every day. Be grateful for life no matter how messy or uncertain. We are here for a short time, don’t play it safe, play it full out.

Thanks Lee for your life altering gift to humanity. Thanks for helping all of us heal our fears and embrace our lives.

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*Disclosure Policy* I purchased my own copy of the book, Enjoy Every Sandwich. The publisher later contacted us to do a review and offered to give away free copies of the book. I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for this review.

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  • http://Chimpandsee.com Jordan

    I think physicians (myself included) have an easier time with death that comes earlier than expected because we know and see the misery of protracted suffering of the elderly and chronically Ill.


    Dr. Carolyn Anderson Reply:

    That’s a great point. We do have more direct exposure to the suffering that can occur from chronic illness that often accompanies aging. Thanks for your input.


  • http://www.staceyvitiellomd.com Stacey Vitiello, MD

    Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for making me aware of this book. I need to enjoy my sandwiches more, and I’m ordering this book now. How lovely that this dying physician would do all the work of writing a book to share his experiences with the world at large.
    Best regards,


  • http://n/a Jamie

    My dad died in November and it really left me with the feeling that I shouldn’t take my life for granted but I’m feeling completely clueless on how to do it- I’d like to win this just so I can actually take the steps needed to not live my life so I’m proud of myself but to also make my dad proud.


    Dr. Carolyn Anderson Reply:

    Thanks for sharing Jamie,

    When my Mom died last Fall it had the same effect on me. Life is so precious and we really don’t want to waste a moment. It can be so challenging to be constantly engaged and living in the moment, but it is the only way to truly appreciate the amazing gift that life is. I think being conscious of wanting this is the first step to doing it. Here’s hoping more of us will pursue this without a tragic loss as the trigger.


  • http://www.huffingtonpost.com Robin

    This sounds like an amazing & inspiring book. I’m in a new accelerated mode of living a purposeful life with daily gratitude. I’ve embarked on a new path that has taken me to volunteer at hospice. I think I need to read this book from so many perspectives!
    Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


  • http://mandalareflections.wordpress.com Kali

    Thank you for sharing this book information. I hope to read it! I am a birth doula and am now looking into pairing my work with hospice care. When people realize and honor that life and death are one of the same cycle, they can truly find great meaning, purpose, and beauty in the present moment whether its at the “beginning” or the “end” of their circle.


  • J. Duvall

    The books seems a wonderful way to find peace.
    I am a cancer patient; I have gone through seven surgeries and 30 radiation treatments.
    I am currently in remission and I don’t plan to go through any more cancer treatment.
    This book would be helpful for learning to accept living and dying.


  • Kathleen Walker

    Sitting here in my favorite chair early on a spring mornings, my cats curious for somewhere very comfy to take a nap, my husband gone early to the hardware store to finish his project, my coffee still warm – I am anxious and unsettled – until I read this article and watch the video – and can offer thanks to the Gods that all is really, really well. Thanks


  • Cassandra

    Thanks for sharing, this hits home as my sis has the same DX.


  • http://huffingtonpost Dawn Turner

    Truly sage advice for all of us.


  • http://dareyouto.blogspot.com Meredith @ DareYouTo

    This sounds like an inspirational piece; I’d love to read his story and legacy, to learn to enjoy every sandwich, myself.


  • david dubois

    Its difficult to see in those busy random moments that strung together are another day in a life , for my eyes to see the beauty all around me and to posses the presence of mind to understand the wonder and reality of the moment ,never to again be duplicated and never wasted no matter the circumstances…I must remind this self routinely….
    David DuBois


  • jan

    This is a very timely book for me, as my husband has just finished chemo and radiation for tongue and lymph node cancer. The title ‘Enjoy Every Sandwich’ has a very real meaning to me right now……thanks for the suggested ‘read’ Carolyn!!   Jan Shaddick