Review: Live a Life You Love by Dr. Susan Biali

Live a Life You LoveThis month I am excited to highlight Dr. Susan Biali’s incredible book, Live a Life You Love!: 7 Steps to a Healthier, Happier, More Passionate You. This book is an exceptional guidepost to living an authentic life. In the book, she relays her personal stories and experiences in a very real and down to earth manner. Reading the book feels like having a conversation with an incredibly wise and compassionate women. Each of the steps she discusses lead you to look at your life to make sure you are living a life you love and not a life that others would love you to live.

Susan Biali’s Steps to Living a Life You Love

Step 1      Allow Yourself to be You

Susan opens with a compelling personal story and a life altering epiphany. When she found herself miserable in her Emergency Medicine residency the statement by one of her senior residents “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to” was compelling, surprising and life altering. She had never considered this. She had never considered that she had any say in any of it. The overachieving, people pleasing, super women was climbing the mountain and never took the time to determine whether the mountain she was climbing was the right one for her. When she stepped back and changed gears her life began to take shape in a way that was fulfilling and inspiring.

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Her advice is that whenever you get a clear impulse to do or try something different it is usually something that will turn out to be immensely important in your life path. That is if you can find the courage and the faith to do it.  She encourages us to not give up before the miracle and to listen to our heart’s and create a life that is authentic. Ask yourself what is truly in your heart. Take time to get away from all the noise of daily life and get quiet enough to let yourself feel what the real you cares about and longs for.

Step 2      Learn to Love Yourself

She notes that so many of us practice compulsive avoidance of ourselves. Never truly knowing or loving who we really are. Self Love as she describes is multifaceted and consists of: pursuing real solutions to problems and not quick fixes, choosing healthy rewards for yourself, making time to take care of yourself, reducing the clutter in your life and addressing your finances. It is so important to treat yourself in the same way that you would treat anyone you care deeply about. Give yourself time, patience, love, kindness and thoughtful loving gifts and treats.

Step 3      Honor Your Body

In this chapter Dr. Biali offers practical advice. She discusses the importance of moving and eating an Anti-inflammatory diet. This diet has an incredible impact on your general wellbeing and levels of energy. If you are up to something that could threaten your health your body will often whisper some gentle hints. Don’t wait until it yells. Be honest with yourself. Is your body telling your something? Should you be approaching something in your life differently? There is usually some kind of message or meaning in almost every illness. Look for the lesson and take heed.

Step 4      Rescue and Revitalize Your Relationships

The message here is to put the proper attention on your life. Your relationships are a mirror of your soul. Turn the spotlight on yourself because only someone that truly loves and honors themselves can be there to love and honor another.

Step 5     Get a Life

Dare to Dream and Don’t Give Up!

Life often tests us to find out how much we really want something. Don’t give up before the tide changes, it may seem like your dream will never come true. Remember success lies on the other side of failure. She eloquently describes how we are born with the dreams that we have in our hearts, and we wouldn’t be given them without having the ability to walk that path. Hang in there and take one more risk.

Susan Dancing

Step 6     Make Room for the Divine.

In this chapter she describes the important role that spiritual connection has to our well being in general. I so appreciated her candor and openness about her beliefs. She makes the point that we often know what is good for us and what we love but we don’t do it. Try to do what is right for you and strive for meaning in your life to gain the greatest fulfillment.

Step 7      Make today Someday

Her advice in the final chapter is to take action on your vision. Silence your inner critic and know that this is just a part of the human experience. Know that it is normal to be terrified when you take a big step towards your dream. Take the big step anyway and take your life to the next level.

Following her steps will help lead you to a Life that you can truly Love. A life of passion and fulfillment.

*Disclosure Policy* I purchased my own copy of this book and I have not been paid or otherwise compensated for this review. If you decide to purchase the book from Amazon using the above links I will receive a small commission.

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