Let It Happen

Lately I’ve been thinking about how things tend to happen if I let go of the outcome. I remember when I was single and so wanted to meet my soul mate. So many people told me to stop trying so hard to find the love of my life and he might just show up. Well they were right because when I decided to give up and buy a house and get a dog that was when I met my future husband Kevin. Same thing with getting pregnant, when I decided to stop trying so hard and just live my life I miraculously got pregnant.

It sounds crazy but both of these things flowed to me when I put the intention out there. Took what action was necessary and then just let it happen. I detached myself from the outcome. It is sometimes a hard thing to do when you want something so badly, but in my life there are so many examples of it happening this way.

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I have been a big goal setter for a number of years. I also practice positive affirmations. Stating what I want in the present tense, like it is happening, like I have it in my possession or like the experience is real. Once you have affirmed what you want in the present tense.

Think of it like placing an order in the cosmic kitchen. When you go to a restaurant you order your food and then you relax and drink your wine or coffee and maybe eat some bread while sitting there and chatting with your dinner companion. You don’t go back into the kitchen to oversee the preparation of your food, you don’t hover over the chef to make sure that he is preparing it exactly as you like. You have faith in the ability of the restaurant staff to pull off making your meal and you relax and wait for it. So often in life we don’t do this. We try to force something to happen prior to it being ready. We try and micro-manage all aspects of the event. By doing this we often push the good things away.

Put your intention out there, take whatever targeted action is necessary and then detach from the outcome and let it happen. Stop trying so hard to achieve something and instead focus on being the best you can possibly be, being grateful and enjoying the moment. You will be pleasantly surprised at what flows into your life.

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