What’s on Your Life List?

Goal Setting For years I have been reading the works and books of John C. Maxwell. I feel he has great insight into leadership principles that all of us can benefit from. Last week while driving in to do some eye surgery at the hospital I was listening to one of his audiotapes and he was talking about the importance of a “life list”.

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Remember the movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman called “The Bucket List.” In that movie they listed all the things that they wanted to accomplish prior to leaving the planet. On many bucket lists are cool things like…seeing Mt. Everest, sky diving etc… A great idea and I do think all of us should have a bucket list.

The life list is something different entirely. The life list is a short concise list of things you should live by daily, keep with you at all times and keep in the forefront of your mind. By doing this you will focus on the important things. In the words of Zig Ziglar you will be “keeping the main thing the main thing”. I will share my life list with you and urge all of you to try to write your own as well. Make sure you write one that is inspiring to you and personalized for your life. Mine is as follows:

My Life List

  1. To leave people better than I found them
  2. By valuing and respecting others whether it is your children, your spouse, your colleagues, or people in your employ you will gain so much in life by treating others well. Truly listening to and honoring others will take you far in life. Contributing financially, emotionally and spiritually to the well being of others is one of the keys to a life well lived.

  3. To be an amazing Mom to my little guy
  4. To be nurturing, kind, compassionate and loving at all times. To be with him as much as I possibly can.

  5. To truly be wherever I am
  6. To live in the moment as much as possible, can be a challenge but does lead to a richer and greater life.

  7. To be grateful and truly thankful for all the blessings in my life
  8. Gratitude is the key to real and lasting happiness. If the only thing you ever said was thank you it would be enough. I also believe that God and the universe provides more to those that are truly grateful for what they have.

  9. To appreciate the wisdom and experience of others and to make it my mandate to pursue life- long learning.
  10. Whether through interaction with others, seminars or the reading of great books I will strive to always be growing and stretching myself intellectually.

  11. To be authentic
  12. To be true to myself and who I am.

  13. To do everything in my power to be as healthy, vital and fit as I possibly can.
  14. Being fit will increase energy levels and make it easier to truly reach your potential.

  15. To nurture my spiritual nature.

I believe everyone was put on this planet for an incredible and divine purpose. I want to commit to spending time in nature and time in peace and tranquility connecting to God and my higher purpose.

So what is on your Life List? I would love to hear.

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