6 Life Changing Pearls of Wisdom from Susan Biali’s Fabulous Retreat

Susan BialiIn June, I had the opportunity to attend Susan Biali’s all day retreat. For those of you who don’t know, Susan Biali is a doctor from Vancouver. She was clinically depressed during her medical residency and eventually moved to Mexico to become a Flamenco dancer. She’s had a lot of success as a dancer and is now an author and speaker. Her book called, Life a Life You Love helps other people find their passion in life.

Susan is an amazing women and the retreat was an amazing day of transformation. Her connection to the audience and quality of information to help us to move to a greater level of happiness and fulfillment in our lives was astounding.

I wanted to share with you today some of the pearls of wisdom that Susan shared on this very special day, here are the highlights.

1) Finding Your Purpose

The underlying theme of the day was to help us to find our purpose. There were some profound insights offered here. Such as “when life defers there is a reason BUT when we defer it makes our hearts sick.” Just as the old proverb says..”Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.” It is so important to feel you can say who you are and what you want. Craft a life for yourself and don’t care what others think. Ask yourself who are you really? What do you really want to do?

She had a great framework called The 6 Es of Finding your Purpose

  1. Know it is often elusive
  2. The process is evolving like a treasure hunt
  3. It emerges from experience
  4. It is exactly perfectly timed
  5. You are eminently qualified
  6. It is an enjoyable adventure

2) Push Past Fear

Fear is often a clue about what you should truly be doing. It is so important to distinguish between fear and lack of motivation to do something. We all have fears and it is so important to push through them and do what you truly have a passion for.

I loved the quote Susan shared by Jonathan Fields author of Uncertainty that says “Kill the butterflies and you kill the dream.” The butterflies are good and normal, they mean you are out of your comfort zone and this is a good thing. If you really want to do something push through this feeling and go for it.

3) Take Notice of Jealousy

Susan also mentioned we should be aware of feelings of jealousy. I found this interesting. We think of this as such a negative emotion and push it down when we feel it. We want to truly feel happy for someone but if you feel the green monster reering it’s ugly head pay attention. You could be jealous because that person is doing what you truly have a passion for.

By being aware of this emotion you may uncover your deepest desires. And then don’t forget to bless the other person and wish them well for all their accomplishments. This will go further in helping you to reach yours.

4) Tame Your Inner Critic

We must all work at silencing the voice inside that tells us we cannot do things. Get in touch with what the voice is saying to you. Counter it with positive statements and learn how to move forward despite what you hear.

5) The Joy List

Another great pearl of wisdom from Susan was “The Joy List” make a list of things you absolutely love doing and keep it front and center and try to do more of them when you can.

6) Stop Doing List

The opposite of this was to take back control of your life by making a “Stop doing list.” Write down the things you want to stop doing and it will truly be freeing. Remember saying yes to something is saying no to something else.

This is just a very small sample of the countless pearls of wisdom that Susan shared. She is truly inspiring. If you get a chance to see her speak or better yet attend her next event I would highly recommend it. She is an amazing women, with great insight and much to share to help all of us find our passions and live the life of our dreams. Thank you Susan for your spirit and your contribution to the world. To connect with her visit SusanBiali.com

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